Mandy’s British Royalty is one of the top authorities on the monarchy today. Join me as we take a trip through the world of one of the most iconic dynasties ever to head the grand old institution.

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The Bones of Richard III: Discovery of a Lifetime


King Richard III was the last English king to be killed in battle. He fought Henry Tudor in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, where Henry triumphed. Richard’s body was then buried in the Greyfriars Church in the English town of Leicester. Unfortunately, the monastery was dissolved and the church in which he was […]

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The Year of Three Kings

Imperial State Crown

The year 2006 marked the 70th anniversary of the Abdication, otherwise known as “The Year of Three Kings”. Here is a brief history of what transpired that fateful year. King George V was ailing. He had been ill for some time, and as the harsh winter of 1935 pressed on, it did not look like […]

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A Royal History – About The House Of Windsor


A Royal History – About the House of Windsor It is directly through Electress Sophia of Hanover that the current royal line descends. Sophia was the granddaughter of King James I of England (simultaneously James VI of Scotland). We begin with James, who led the kingdom through a relatively peaceful era. James became king in […]

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Royal Weddings

Princess Anne marries Mark Phillips

Like a coronation, royal weddings stir the senses and stoke the imagination. Below, a list of major royal weddings throughout the generations: › February 10th, 1840 – Queen Victoria and Prince Albert › March 10th, 1863 – The Prince Edward and Princess Alexandra of Denmark › July 6th, 1893 – The Prince George and Princess […]

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In Memoriam: Royal Family Members


In Memoriam: Royal Family Members Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) August 4, 1900 – March 30, 2002 Full name: Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Nickname: The Queen Mum Titles: The Honourable Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon; Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon; HRH The Duchess of York; HM Queen Elizabeth; HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Honors: Lady of The Garter, […]

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